The Financials Accounting Hub and Subledger Accounting are two of the more than 200 applications which make up the e-Business Suite.  The e-Business Suite is designed to be extended by adding new applications.  Oracle Financials Accounting Hub is an application which allows the Oracle Subledger Accounting application to be used to create one of more accounting journal representations for non-Oracle operational transaction source systems.  It can also capture attributes of the transactions and store balances on attributes not passed to the General Ledger. Finally, it can feed the accounting representations to their appropriate ledgers in summary or in detail.  In order to do this, non-Oracle operational systems or source systems are represented to Financials Accounting Hub as Applications within the e-Business Suite. 

An application represents one or more source systems.  When deciding how many applications need to be defined there are a few things that need to be considered: 

In this section we will review how to define a new application to the Oracle e-Business Suite and configure it for use with Financials Accounting Hub.