At least one new application must be registered in order to use Financials Accounting Hub (FAH).  There are a few things to consider wen determining the number of application which need to be defined and how many source systems will share each application defined. 


Multiple source systems may share a single application or each source system may have its own application.  One of the deciding factors in how many applications to create and which sources if any should share an application is data in FAH is secured by application.  This means source system transactions in one application can not be processed or viewed in from another application.  This means the create accounting process will need to be run separately from within each application in order to process each applications transactions.  The inquiry screens are also limited to displaying data for only one application at a time.  Subledger balances are also unique to each application.  So if two or more source systems need to have common subledger balance values then they need to share a single application.


Another factor in determining how many applications to define is data partitioning.  FAH stores its data in the Subledger Accounting table structures (XLA).  Most of the XLA transactional tables are partition by application_id.  If there are one more source systems with high transaction volumes it is beneficial for performance reasons to segregate there data into separate partitions.


In order to register a new application, login to the System Administrator responsibility and follow the instructions below...