Try It! mode enables you to learn a task by practicing in a simulated environment with step-by-step instructions and guidance throughout the task. If you make a mistake, you are prompted to try again. Whenever text input is required, the text must be entered EXACTLY as it appears in the step to advance to the next step. If the step does not automatically advance after you enter the requested input, you may need to modify your entry. If you feel that your entry is also an acceptable one, you can click the Typing Complete button to submit it. If your entry is also considered a correct response, the step will advance. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter the requested text. Because you are using a simulated environment, your actions will have no impact on actual system data or settings.


Control the topic playback using options from the Actions link that appears in the bubble. These options can include:

ProcedureTo play a topic in Try It! mode:

  1. Expand the outline as necessary to display topics.
  2. Click a topic.
    You can also double-click a topic to launch it in the default play mode.
  3. Click Try It!.
    You can also start a topic at a specific Jump-In Point.
  4. Press ENTER or click the Start link to begin the topic playback.
  5. Follow the instructions in the bubbles.
  6. Press ENTER or click the Finish link to complete the task.