Know It? mode enables you to test your knowledge of a task in a simulated environment. When you click the Know It? icon, you are presented with the score needed to pass, and you may also receive instructions for completing the Know It? step or other pertinent information. Once you start the task, you may not see any further instructions for completing it, depending on how the task was structured by the content author. Since Know It? mode is a simulated evaluation; you must perform the steps of the topic exactly as they were recorded during content creation. If Try It! mode includes alternative methods of performing a step, either method will be scored properly in Know It? mode.


If you are unable to complete a step, you can click the Show Step link in the Know It? bubble. When you click this link, a window opens, informing you that you will be graded as incorrect if the Player completes the step for you. You can then confirm the action by clicking Yes or cancel the action by clicking No. If you cancel the action, you can attempt to complete the step. If you confirm the action, the step is completed for you and you are marked incorrect for that particular step. Once the step is complete, you can then complete the remaining steps in the task.


If you fail to complete a step, you will see up to four levels of remediation. The following are the four levels of remediation:

Although you cannot control the playback in Know It? mode, you can use the Actions link that appears in the bubble to access the following options:

You can exit Know It? mode at any time by clicking the Close button in the Know It? bubble or by pressing ESC. When you attempt to exit Know It? mode, you are presented with two options that enable you to: 1) exit the Know It? without being scored; or 2) return to the Know It? and complete the task.


After you complete the Know It? steps, you are presented with your score as a percentage of steps completed properly without assistance. Therefore, you are scored correct only when you complete a step right the first time. The passing score (percent needed to pass) and a Result field also appear in the results. The Result field displays “Pass” or “Fail” to indicate if you passed or failed the Know It? play mode.


ProcedureTo play a topic in Know It? mode:

  1. Expand the outline items as necessary to display topics.
  2. Click a topic.
  3. Click Know It?.
    A Know It? bubble opens with the score needed to pass. Instructions for completing the topic or other information may also appear.

  4. Press ENTER or click the Start link to start the topic.
  5. Complete the first step in the task.
  6. Continue to complete all steps and if necessary, take the appropriate action for missed steps as indicated in the remediation bubble. When the task is complete, you are prompted to press ENTER or click the Continue link to view the results of the Know It? play mode.
  7. Press ENTER or click the Finish link to return to the Player after viewing the results.