While See It!, Try It!, and Do It! modes allow you to work through the steps of a task, additional information may also be incorporated within the content. Information may be associated with an outline document, or a particular screen in a topic. It may contain additional information presented in plain text format or a diagram or chart. In addition, you may be able to launch external documents or web sites.  


Icons or hyperlinks may appear in Try It! or Do It! modes during playback if the content author has incorporated additional information along with the steps of a topic. Clicking an icon or hyperlink displays text information, a graphic, an external document, web page, and so on.


Note: The icons for additional information are not available in See It! or Know It? modes.  


Hyperlinked text may also be a glossary definition. When you click a glossary hyperlink, specific information appears about the hyperlinked term, for example, clarification for a specialized term used within your organization. 


Note: Glossary hyperlinks do not appear in See It! mode.