Depending upon the current action, you may receive instructions for completing a step in Know It? mode. For example, when you are required to enter text into a field or select a specific value from a list, text may appear in the Know It? bubble that provides guidance for that step.


Know It? mode may also complete the step for you depending upon the action type. When drag-and-drop actions are used during content development to illustrate highlighting text or moving an object across the screen, Know It? mode performs these steps automatically and marks the step as correct. The Know It? bubble displays the following text: The following action is a Drag and Drop. When you press OK, this step will be completed for you. When it is complete, you may continue with the next step. You will not be scored for this step. When you click OK, the task is completed for you in See It! mode. Once the drag-and-drop action is complete, you can continue working on the task.


For most steps, the Know It? bubble will simply display the Show Step link, without instructions for completing the current step.