The Player has a Share feature, which provides you with a URL. You can send this URL to others, who will then be able to launch the content. The Share feature is available when the Player is launched:

The Share feature is NOT available when the Player is launched from:

The Share feature is available from two locations:

Share Content from the Player Window

When available, the Share link appears above the Concept pane. If you share a topic, the user who receives the link will be able to select the appropriate play mode. If you share a section, the concept displays. If you share a question or assessment, the question or assessment displays.


The Share dialog box opened through the Share link in the Player window has a View Outline option. When this option is not selected (default), the link is directly to the topic (or other outline item such as a module or question) in the Player. The recipient of the link can click the View outline link to show the item in its location in the outline.

When the View Outline option on the Share dialog box is selected, the link launches the Player with the item selected in the outline. 


Note: Roles that have been set on an outline item are not applicable. In other words, if you are viewing an outline item within a role, you can send it to someone who is not assigned that role and they will be able to view it.


ProcedureTo share content with the Share link in the Player window:

  1. Select the outline item you want to share.
  2. Click the Share link Share link.
  3. Click the View Outline option if you want to share the content within the context of the outline.
  4. Copy the URL that appears in the dialog box.
  5. Paste the URL in an email or instant message.

Share Content from the Actions Menu During Playback

When available, the Share option appears on the Actions menu during playback in all modes. The link displays a Share dialog box with the URl and three additional options:

ProcedureTo share content with the Share option on the Actions link while playing a topic:

  1. Select a topic in the Player outline and start it in any play mode.
  2. On any frame, click the Actions link and choose Share.
  3. Select the share options as desired.
  4. Copy and paste the URL link into an email or instant message.