The content you are viewing can also contain one or more assessments, indicated in the outline by Assessment, that test your knowledge of the content provided. An assessment  is a group of questions and/or topics in Know It? play mode designed to test your understanding of the content that you have viewed prior to the assessment. When you click an assessment in the Outline pane, the first question in the assessment displays in the Concept pane, unless it is a Know It? mode question. A progress bar (Question X of X) displays under the question so you can tell where you are in the assessment. As you answer a question, a Continue button appears so you can move to the next question.


ProcedureTo take an assessment:

  1. From the Outline pane, click Assessment <assessment name>.
  2. Click Start to begin the assessment.
  3. Answer the first question and click OK.
    Click Do Not Know if you do not want to answer the question. The question will be counted as incorrect.
  4. Click Continue to move to the next question in the assessment.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the assessment is complete and the Assessment Summary page (if enabled) appears.
  6. Click Print to print the summary, if desired.
  7. Navigate in the outline to continue.