Jump-in Points are links to various steps within a topic, created by the content author, which allow you to start a topic at a point other than the beginning. Jump-in Points are helpful when you need to learn only a portion of a task, particularly for topics with many steps.


Jump-in points are accessed through the arrow icon which appears to the right of the See It!, Try It!, and Do It! buttons in the Player. If there are no Jump-in Points for a topic, the window contains the Beginning of topic link only, which appears by default.


Note: Jump-in points are only available if the Player was launched from a Player package or from an in-application help link.


ProcedureTo choose jump-in points:

  1. Expand the outline as necessary to display topics.
  2. Click a topic.
  3. Click drop down list in the play mode button.
  4. Click the link representing the desired Jump-in Point.
  5. When finished, exit the current play mode as prompted.