Some of the content viewable in the Player may contain sound. Before you can hear sound through the Player, you must:

Note: If Flash is not installed, you can view the content without sound by disabling Play Audio in the Player Preferences.


Sound on Conceptual Content

When sound is attached to conceptual content (for example, information displayed in the Concept pane without running one of the Play modes), the Play Sound Start Playback/Pause Sound Pause Playback, Stop Sound Stop Playback icons and a progress bar display below the Play buttons so you can control the sound playback. By default, sound plays automatically when you select an item in the outline. If you press Stop Sound, the sound playback toggles off, so if you select another item in the outline the sound will not automatically play. You can toggle automatic sound playback back on by pressing Play Sound again.


Sound on Play Modes 

Sound playback is available during the See It!, Try It! and Do It! play modes. Sound in these modes plays automatically when the topic launches. Pausing the simulation using the Action link that appears in the bubble also pauses the sound.


Sound is disabled during Know It? mode because this mode is designed to test the user's knowledge about the content.