How to use this document

This webpage has been created for Donna Weber at Jaspersoft, and is intended to provide samples of work previously done by Bill Sawyer. These are samples, and are not intended to be complete courses, videos, or e-learning content. None of the samples presented on this page should be used for anything other than an evaluation of the work that Bill Sawyer has previously performed.


Item 1: Modern Enterprise Training - This document was the foundation for a presentation to Collaborate 2014 in March in Las Vegas. It was selected as one of the "Best of" presentations, and was recorded for playback by OAUG members. This is the MASTER presentation. The one presented to Collaborate 2014 was reduced to fit the presentation slot.

Item 2: Lab Structure - This document is presented to show the technical depth and structure foundation of a highly technical installation lab. It demonstrates pulling from multiple sources, including documentation, support documents, and represents the collected SME feedback. What cannot be demonstrated are the numerous bugs in documentation and support materials that were uncovered, reported, and corrected due to this in-depth structure. While it was used for training purposes, it also served multiple audiences for improvement.

Item 3: UPK - This is a subset of a 2.5-day course developed and delivered completely within UPK.

Item 4: Statistics for PhD Success - This is an older (2009) courses developed in Captivate. It is presented to show that I have been using Captivate for a number of years and versions. It is also a nearly complete training unit. The next Captivate example is intended to show current Captivate 8, and is not intended to be a complete course.

Item 5: Course PowerPoint Sample - This is a sample of a PowerPoint lecture unit that was part of a 5-day course.

Item 6: Course Lab Sample - This is a sample of a Lab unit that is part of a 5-day course. This lab was one of many that were designed from the Lab Structure demonstrated in Item 2.

Item 7: Quick Captivate 8 Sample - This is composed of several components, the Captivate 8 recording file (.cptx), the Captivate web replay, the Captivate Training Guide (.doc), and the Captivate Training Guide (.pdf). Please note: The Training Guide (.doc and .pdf) files have not been altered. The recording was very simple, and therefore so was the output. This was done to show the newer capabilities of Adobe Captivate to output this information in a manner similar to UPK.

Item 8: Video Sample - This is the introduction and video sting for a video-based training course that is currently in production. Because of the size, this is just a short video snippet. All of this was custom developed in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.